Don’t you wish there was Yelp for dudes?

This post was written by Lane’s BFF from high school. This blog was her idea.


Guest writer Jaclyn here.

A little about me… I am also a twenty-something but live in the sunny city of Denver, CO. I have been in Menver, as they call it, less than a year. I needed a change of scenery and Denver has exceeded my expectations. Though this isn’t a blog about moving, I would say that packing my life into a Uhaul trailer and moving across the country on a whim has given me a lot more confidence and independence.

I didn’t date around much in college; I focused more on drinking studying, but with my newfound confidence and slew of Save the Dates from friends, I have decided to dive head first into the dating world. Plus, it gives me a reason to try new places in the city while dragging the potential love of my life along.

Since a new city doesn’t offer me an abundance of friends to set me up with their cute guy friends, my dates are found using dating apps for the time being. Sure, it’s not the most romantic idea that I found a guy on Tinder, but it can make for a helluva good story.

I haven’t changed the names of the guys because IDGAF.

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The date that lasted 25 minutes.

After telling you about my ridiculously wonderful night, I feel it’s only fair to tell you about my worst date ever. There were a lot of signs leading up to the date that I should not go, but I figure every one deserves a chance.

horrible idea.gifTony and I had been exchanging texts for about a week and a half when we decided to meet up. He was 34, from California, an athlete and good at witty banter. He asked for my neighboorhood and said he would pick a wine bar. We decided to get together on a Sunday and I let him handle the details.

The first red flag came the day before. While confirming the location and time, he sent me a string of completely incoherent texts.

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How did we get here?

This is a question I ask myself a lot. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life; but it’s not exactly where I saw myself in my mid-twenties. I’ve been in NYC for 2 and a half years and I’ve been single for about 6 months. When I moved to the city, I was still dating my college boyfriend. He was staying back home to finish school and we were going to be the couple who made the long distance thing work.

Here’s where you can say “I told you so,” because after 2 years of great weekend trips, phone fights and changed life plans, we ended things. I hadn’t been on a first date in almost 4 years, so I relied on my friends to help me figure out how to climb back on the dating horse.


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So, here we go…

I have a blog.

Hi everybody! Every time I tell my friends a story about a date or a new man in my life, they always tell me that I should write about, so this blog will be my adventures in dating in NYC.

I’m active on a few apps, I go on dates that friends and family set me up with and, every weekend, my work wife’s goal is to be the perfect wingwoman. I try to go on at least one date a week. Some lead to second or third dates and some just make for really funny stories. I hope you enjoy and maybe even relate, as we’re all just trying to find love in this crazy world.