The ghost.

This post was written by Lane’s BFF from high school. More on Jaclyn’s story here and here.

After my experience with Nick, I wasn’t feeling super confident about the dating game, but kept up with my apps anyways.

I was swiping on Tinder after a work trip and came across Nate. He was in the restaurant business and seemed cute. I almost swiped left on him, but then I had another sip of wine and said “fuck it.” We matched and I let him message me first.

We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up a couple days later. He was everything I could’ve asked for: cute, smart, funny, successful, blah blah blah I would go on, but he fucking sucks, come to find out.

The date went well, he paid for everything, and walked me home. He even texted me after the date to say how much fun he had. How on earth did I find this guy!?

We went on several more dates and I really started to like this guy. He was so charming and wasn’t clingy. He would call me over texting me- who does that?! He would look at me the way I look at my food when it arrives at a restaurant. I was so happy.

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First dating experience in the new city.

This post was written by Lane’s BFF from high school. More on Jaclyn’s story here.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go on dates to get free stuff. But, if you are trying to impress me, buying me a beer and/ or food is the way to go.

I was feeling optimistic and ballsy in my new city and decided to agree to a date with Nick.  He texted me the day we were supposed to meet and kept pushing out the time of our meeting. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are tardy, but alas, I forced myself to go. I walked to the brewery we were meeting at, and still waited a few minutes for his arrival. Ugh.

Nick was attractive and seemed nice in our text exchanges. We get to the brewery and he buys the first round- awesome!

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Don’t you wish there was Yelp for dudes?

This post was written by Lane’s BFF from high school. This blog was her idea.


Guest writer Jaclyn here.

A little about me… I am also a twenty-something but live in the sunny city of Denver, CO. I have been in Menver, as they call it, less than a year. I needed a change of scenery and Denver has exceeded my expectations. Though this isn’t a blog about moving, I would say that packing my life into a Uhaul trailer and moving across the country on a whim has given me a lot more confidence and independence.

I didn’t date around much in college; I focused more on drinking studying, but with my newfound confidence and slew of Save the Dates from friends, I have decided to dive head first into the dating world. Plus, it gives me a reason to try new places in the city while dragging the potential love of my life along.

Since a new city doesn’t offer me an abundance of friends to set me up with their cute guy friends, my dates are found using dating apps for the time being. Sure, it’s not the most romantic idea that I found a guy on Tinder, but it can make for a helluva good story.

I haven’t changed the names of the guys because IDGAF.

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