The date from the movies.

Still to this day, it’s one of my favorite nights


For mine and Alex’s fourth date, it was my turn to plan our time together. We were getting together after work on a Friday, so the possibilities for activities were endless. In Time Out that week, I saw that there was an free art show happening in Brooklyn Bridge Park, with food from Smorgasburg. Sounded like the perfect New York Friday night.

Alex and I met on the corner near my apartment, my heart pounded out of my chest as he approached. I couldn’t wait to kiss him again, to continue to spend time with him. He gave me a quick kiss, grabbed my hand and we were off on our adventure of food and art.

The show was fascinating; it was all about human experiences. There was action shots of athletes, a documentary about a roadtrip cross country, maps of the water crisis around the globe. Alex continually made fun of my “serious art face.” We wandered under the lights of the bridge, weaving in and out of the mini galleries, holding hands and stealing kisses.

Once it was time for dinner, we decided that tacos and beer sounded like the perfect combination. In the food court area of the show, there was a movie playing, so we laughed, ate and enjoyed the show.

As we were heading back into the city, neither one of wanting the night to end, we decided to walk across the bridge instead of taking the subway. If you have never walked into Manhattan from that bridge with the skyline lit up in all it’s glory, add it to your list. NOW.

In those moments, I knew that we would have a messy, raw and beautiful love affair…maybe one day I’ll learn to trust my intuition. But sometimes you have to allow yourself experiences that you know will change you as a person, even if you know they will also hurt.

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