The ghost.

This post was written by Lane’s BFF from high school. More on Jaclyn’s story here and here.

After my experience with Nick, I wasn’t feeling super confident about the dating game, but kept up with my apps anyways.

I was swiping on Tinder after a work trip and came across Nate. He was in the restaurant business and seemed cute. I almost swiped left on him, but then I had another sip of wine and said “fuck it.” We matched and I let him message me first.

We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up a couple days later. He was everything I could’ve asked for: cute, smart, funny, successful, blah blah blah I would go on, but he fucking sucks, come to find out.

The date went well, he paid for everything, and walked me home. He even texted me after the date to say how much fun he had. How on earth did I find this guy!?

We went on several more dates and I really started to like this guy. He was so charming and wasn’t clingy. He would call me over texting me- who does that?! He would look at me the way I look at my food when it arrives at a restaurant. I was so happy.

giphy (8).gif

Then things started going downhill. I would ask him to hang out and he would tell me he would call me later, but he wouldn’t call. He would ignore my text messages day after day. And wouldn’t give any explanation as to why. But he would respond just often enough to keep me interested. I let it go, since I was convinced I was okay with this as opposed to someone who needs to see me every day.

Finally, after about four weeks of seeing each other, I let him sleep with me. That’s right, it’s a privilege.

Well, it was bad. At 28 he should’ve known better than to be so selfish in the sheets.

Sadly, I still really liked him and excused his poor performance as just being awkward the first time you sleep with someone. We went on a really fun date a few days later and as he dropped me off he said “I hope I get to see you before you leave for Thanksgiving!” I was totally infatuated with him at this point and said I am free every day before, so to let me know. I texted him several times throughout the week with no response and called him the day before I was leaving. He answered and sounded like he genuinely still wanted to see me. He said he would call me later to meet up. He never called.

giphy (9).gif

I heard from him once the whole week I was gone for Thanksgiving. I got back and called and texted him, only to be ignored.

I thought about ignoring him, too, but then decided to let all my feelings out and sent him a long text basically calling him a complete asshole for ghosting me but wishing him well (because I’m a fucking lady). He never responded. Found him on Bumble two days later. Bye, asshole!

giphy (10).gif


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