First dating experience in the new city.

This post was written by Lane’s BFF from high school. More on Jaclyn’s story here.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t go on dates to get free stuff. But, if you are trying to impress me, buying me a beer and/ or food is the way to go.

I was feeling optimistic and ballsy in my new city and decided to agree to a date with Nick.  He texted me the day we were supposed to meet and kept pushing out the time of our meeting. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people are tardy, but alas, I forced myself to go. I walked to the brewery we were meeting at, and still waited a few minutes for his arrival. Ugh.

Nick was attractive and seemed nice in our text exchanges. We get to the brewery and he buys the first round- awesome!

giphy (6).gif

The conversation was light, until we started talking about our careers. He told me he was in real estate. Then he proceeds to tell me I should buy a house instead of rent my apartment. Followed by the question, “how much money do you make?”

I should’ve known this was a red flag. I stayed, trying to be positive, then he asked if I wanted to get another beer. I said sure, and his response was, “since I bought the first round, you can get this round.”

giphy (7).gif

The date ended shortly after I bought the second round, and he made me walk him to his car. Then I walked back to my apartment by myself; he didn’t offer me a lift.

I tend to give guys two dates before I either call it quits or decide to continue seeing them. We ended up meeting up for brunch a few weeks later since I was traveling for work and our schedules never aligned. Second date was just as bad as the first and I paid for my own meal. At the end of the date we parted ways and I never heard from Nick again. Hope the real estate market picks up, buddy!


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