Two dates in one night…part 2

(For the first part of this story, click here.) 

Before I even made it to the second bar to meet Doug, I already had a text from Alex: “I can’t believe Mr. Kaplan helped Lizzy get away,” with a picture of his TV.

giphy (13).gif

I couldn’t help but smile. This incredibly beautiful and successful man was texting me and watching the TV show I had just spoiled for him 45 minutes earlier.

When I got to the other bar, Doug had a beer waiting for me. I ordered a water and tried to hide the fact that I was 3 beers and 2 shots deep.

Doug and I had a great conversation. He was sweet, he was funny, he was smart, but my mind kept wandering to Alex. When I would sneak away to the bathroom (which I had to do 3 times over the course of the date…thanks broken seal), I would continue my conversation with Alex. Never a good sign if you’re texting another guy while on a date.

Doug and I had 3 beers and then he walked me to the bus stop. He said he’d love to see me again and kissed me good night. I knew he and I would exchange a few texts, but that would be it (which is exactly what happened). After all, I was a drunk bitch at this point (6 beers and 2 shots) and I know was distracted the entire date.

Moral of the story: if you have two dates in one night and your first one is amazing, do everyone a favor, and reschedule the other one. Then you don’t have to cut the best one short and sneak away to the bathroom to continue your conversation.


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