Two dates in one night…part 1

The day had finally arrived. I was going on my first date in almost four years…make that two dates. I was meeting Alex at 6 for hour happy and then Doug at 9:30 for after dinner drinks.

I was nervous, excited and 100% convinced that I would mess it up somehow. But it was too late to bail on either of them, so at the very least I knew it would make a great story.

giphy (11).gif

Alex was waiting for me outside the bar, looking even better than his pictures. He was wearing a suit, which was hilarious with my top and jeans and we laughed at the differences in our company dress codes.

We had discussed how we both loved this bar, but we had had very different experiences there. I’m a wine and beer kinda gal and Alex was much more a whiskey man…so when the Friday night special was a growler of beer with 4 shots, Alex suggested we order it: “It’s both of our favorite things, it’s like it was meant for us.” So much for one or two drinks…but I couldn’t bring myself to say no to his crooked smile.

We laughed and flirted our way through your typical “get to know you conversation,” while looking for any excuse to touch each other. I spoiled a huge twist in our mutual favorite TV show (it’s not my fault that he said he was caught up when he wasn’t) and we made fun of each other’s accents.

After 2 shots and 2 beers each, he suggested we also order some food. I know that a burger is considered a horrible meal for a first date, but I was buzzed enough where I didn’t care and he seemed to enjoy that I ordered real food (to the girls who only order salads, you’re not doing any of us any favors, but that’s a thought for another day).


Alex knew that I was meeting a friend for a drink, so he checked his watch and asked me if I really had to leave. When I told him that I couldn’t cancel last minute, he smiled and said that I was a good one and that he’d walk me to the bus.

I still to this day think it’s hilarious that he walked me to my transportation to go on another date.

He asked if he could see me again and I told him I’d really enjoy that. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said he’d be in touch. Then with a smile, I got on the bus and pulled out my phone to prepare for date number 2…

For the second part of this story, click here.


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