Killing two birds with one stone…

What do you mean two dates in one night isn’t normal?


After a week or so of casual chatting with a few guys, it was time to take the plunge and go on the dreaded first first date in 4 years! There were two contenders for who it could be: Alex or Doug.

giphy (4).gif

Alex. 28. Ivy league graduate. Consultant for EY on the partner track. Gorgeous olive skin and a mysterious smile that told you he was a good balance of a nice guy who wanted you to believe he was bad boy.

Doug. 27. Pediatric surgeon nurse. Jersey boy. Cute, genuine smile with an awesome tattoo sleeve.

Both very different than my ex-boyfriend, which was everything I wanted a first date to be.

So when they both asked to meet on the same night, how could I possibly choose? Alex wanted to meet for happy hour at a local bar, since it turned out we lived 2 blocks from each other. Doug wanted to grab a late night drink after he was done with his 9-9 shift. Would it be possible to meet both of them in one night?

Have a drink or two and maybe a small bite with Alex then head to meet Doug for the same thing…there was only one way to find out.


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